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Lawyers for Corporate Law in Leduc, Edmonton, Beaumont & Devon

Jackie, Handerek & Forester is pleased to offer our clients a full range of corporate services at competitive rates. Please contact our offices for an appointment and more information concerning incorporations, annual returns, and dividend and bonus resolutions. 

Alberta & Inter-Provincial Incorporations

$800.00 plus disbursements and GST


Beginning with the NUANS® corporate name search to ensure that the company name you want is available in Alberta, our professionals are pleased to assist you in all matters required to incorporate within the Province of Alberta legally. We also offer inter-provincial incorporations through agents across Canada. Contact Jackie, Handerek & Forester to assist you in every step, including:

Preparation of minute book

Sharing of certificates


All required Corporate Registry documentation

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lady checking something

Annual Returns

$225.00 plus disbursements and GST


An Annual Return is required to be filed at Corporate Registry each year to keep your company in good standing. If you choose to have our office act as the registered office for your company, we will automatically receive the required paperwork. Our office provides the following services for your Annual Return:

Completing the Annual Return

Preparation of the Director and Shareholder Minutes

Updating your minute book

Filing the Annual Return on your behalf

Dividend/Bonus Resolutions

Fees based on an hourly rate plus disbursements and GST


Upon receipt of instructions from you and/or your accountant, we can properly document your dividend and bonuses issued by your corporation according to Revenue Canada requirements.

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