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Reliable Lawyers in Leduc, South Edmonton, Beaumont & Devon

Jackie, Handerek & Forester currently consists of three partners, three associates, and sixteen support staff. Two members of the original team in 1986 remain with the firm today. In addition to our main office in Leduc’s JH&F Professional Centre, you will find branch offices of Jackie, Handerek & Forester in Beaumont, Devon and Edmonton. For private and business clients, we are a general law firm with diverse areas of practice:

Real Estate Transactions Made Easy With Approved Solicitors

As a buyer, seller or contractor, real estate transactions present you with complex contracts and permits. Jackie, Handerek & Forester are approved solicitors for all major banks, local credit unions and many other financial lenders. Our lawyers work with you and your lender to help ensure your real estate transactions are concluded promptly and efficiently.

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Our Newsletter & Archives

The members of Jackie, Handerek & Forester invite you to look for our periodic firm newsletter with articles written by our staff. We will keep an archive of newsletters for your convenience.

Visit one of our four law offices.

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