Entrust Your Family Matters to Jackie, Handerek & Forester

In the good and bad times within your family life, you can entrust the important legal matters to the lawyers of Jackie, Handerek & Forester. Our firm has experience in:

  • Pre-nuptial and co-habitation agreements
  • Separation agreements
  • Divorce
  • Adoption
  • Child custody
  • Collaborative Law: 
    Collaborative Family Law is a process where you and your spouse/partner work as part of a team to resolve disputes without going through  the costly litigation process. You both sign an agreement to stay out of court, and to negotiate openly and transparently. The purpose of Collaborative Family Law is to minimize the negative economic, social and emotional aspects of litigation when dealing with the breakdown of the relationship. By using a  Collaborative lawyer, you both decide what is best for you and your children, and can reach a fair settlement based on your priorities. You are each  represented by Registered Collaborative lawyers who will advise and assist you throughout the negotiation process.
  • Mediation:
    Mediation is a dispute resolution process which allows you and your spouse/partner to make your own decisions when resolving disputes. The Mediation  process is confidential and voluntary, allowing you to craft customized solutions to any disputes, rather than relying on the costly litigation process. You and your spouse/partner meet with a neutral third party, who is trained in mediation, and who will assist you to negotiate an agreement that is suitable to both parties.

Call for Assistance and Fee Quotes

Marriage and family law matters tend to vary in the length of time involved on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for further information and fee quotes.

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